Quark Xpress Training

quark-logo1Become an expert with world-renowned publishing software QuarkXPress in less than a week!
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  • Highly custom training to best suit your needs
  • Covers Digital Publishing for iPAD along with designing Blio eBooks & ePub eBooks
  • 2 months after training support at no extra cost (Limited period offer)
  • 2 months free technical assistance to ensure optimum software use

QuarkXPress: Standard Training Syllabus

(Segment - I)

QuarkXPress Basics


•    Layout basics
•    Creating a project
•    Tools palette overview
•    Creating guides & working with items
•    Creating boxes with standard box tools & Bezier tool
•    Creating custom shapes using ShapeMaker
•    Entering & Importing text
•    Formatting text
•    Importing & Modifying a picture
•    Running text around a picture
•    Controlling stacking order
•    Spacing and aligning items
•    Working with layers
•    Creating colors
•    Applying colors to text and pictures
•    Applying colors to frames and boxes
•    Creating a blend
•    Editing a color
•    Working with a table
•    Linking cells & adding pictures in table cells
•    Adding and deleting rows and columns
•    Importing excel data into a table
•    Printing basics

Advanced Layout Construction

•    Working with master pages
•    Creating automatic page numbers
•    Separating layouts into sections
•    Creating a new library
•    Adding Items to a library
•    Saving as a template
•    Working with palette groups
•    Down saving

Text and Typography

•    Creating a character style sheet
•    Creating a paragraph style sheet
•    Applying a style sheetQXP9Image
•    Editing a style sheet
•    Adjusting leading
•    Adjusting space before and after paragraphs
•    Using baseline shift
•    Working with hanging characters
•    Setting tracking and kerning
•    Inserting glyphs
•    Inserting special characters
•    Working with OpenType
•    Setting Tabs
•    Applying rules and drop caps
•    Controlling hyphenation and justification

Page Elements

•    Using the automatic text box
•    Linking text boxes
•    Rerouting and breaking links
•    Drawing with The Bezier Pen tool
•    Working with points, handles and segments

Advanced Pictures

•    Using an embedded clipping path
•    Using a clipping path for runaround
•    Creating and modifying a clipping path
•    Modifying pictures
•    Saving imported pictures
•    Adding hyperlinks

Output Options

•    Exporting a layout as a PDF/PS
•    Exporting as EPS

Preference Overview

•    Setting preferences for display
•    Setting preferences for text & images
•    Setting preferences for color management
•    Setting preferences for Print, Web & Interactive layouts

(Segment - II)

Long-Document Features


•    Creating a book
•    Working with chapters
•    Synchronizing book resources
•    Building a TOC using List
•    Creating Index
•    Building a formatted index

Transparency and Drop Shadows

•    Applying transparency to items, groups & text
•    Modifying transparency
•    Applying drop shadow to an item, text
•    Creating a drop shadow for an text
•    Modifying drop shadow

Color Management Overview

•    Previewing color
•    Configuring color management settings

Shared Content

•    Adding a layout to a project
•    Creating a split view and a new window
•    Synchronizing a picture between layouts
•    Synchronizing text between layouts

Composition Zones

•    Creating a Composition Zones item
•    Working with Composition Zones usage
•    Linking to a composition layout

Job Jackets BasicsQXP8Image

•    Creating a project from a Job Ticket template
•    Appling a Job Ticket template to a project
•    Evaluating a layout
•    Sharing a Job Jackets file
•    Examining a Job Jackets file
•    Adding and moving resources
•    Adding a rule set
•    Adding a layout definition

Web Layouts

•    Creating hyperlinks
•    Centering the web page
•    Applying Roll overs
•    Creating a Form
•    Creating a menu

Interactive Layouts

•    Working with buttons
•    Working with Image Sequence
•    Creating interactive menu objects
•    Configuring the mouse-over effects
•    Configuring user events
•    Adding animations
•    Working with Video Player
•    Working with Scripts

Layout Automation

•    Creating bullet and numbering styles
•    Working with Outline styles
•    Creating callouts and callout anchors
•    Working with callout styles
•    Creating and applying a conditional style
•    Using conditional style markers

Digital Publishing

•    Adding interactive content to a Blio layout
•    Creating a Reflow view
•    Adding pages and items
•    Tagging content
•    Adding a Blio TOC
•    Adding eBook metadata
•    Exporting an ePUB e-book
•    Testing an ePUB e-book

Designing Digital Magazine for iPAD

•    Adding Interactive content to iPAD Layout
•    Exporting as .zave format
•    Setting up Quark Issue Previewer & iOS simulator
•    Preview the magazine in iOS Simulator

Troubleshooting Tips & Techniques

•    Installation issues & troubleshooting
•    Launch issues & troubleshooting
•    Printing issues & troubleshooting


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